Advanced graphics for Inform 7

Glimmr Canvas Animation–previewed here, here, and here–has been released and is available for download at Google Code. (The extension can also be downloaded from the Inform site, though without the image assets needed to compile the examples.)

The "Scourge of the Vampyr" demo

What is Glimmr Canvas Animation? Glimmr Canvas Animation sits on top of Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing and allows for graphic elements of any type to be animated. GCA is built on the concept of the animation track. An animation track handles one kind of animation effect for one graphic element, but tracks are stackable, so it’s possible build up quite complex animations. GCA allows for flipbook-style animation of sprites or background images, for dynamically scaling graphic elements, for (limited) fade-ins and fade-outs, and much more. All of these preset animation types can be invoked in just one or two lines of code, or tweaked and customized with as much additional logic as you like. GCA supports 15 different equations for the automated “easing/tweening” of animations to make them more natural or more interesting. The extension includes a robust debugging log, as well as a number example code demos (see screenshots in this post).

There have been a number of new features added to Glimmr Canvas Animation since it was first previewed. The most notable of these is the introduction of “virtual timers,” which allows multiple concurrent animations to run at different speeds. The beta version of GCA required all animations to run at the same speed, so this should allow for more flexibility.

I hope you’ll check out GCA!

Download Glimmr Canvas Animation

Screenshot of the "Eased Movements" demo. Movement simulated (poorly).


Comments on: "Glimmr Canvas Animation released" (2)

  1. Your Glimmr work is really awesome. (I actually do mean that I am in awe of it.)

  2. […] date, the demos that I’ve released for Glimmr Canvas Animation have been either simple visualizations, or have gestured at nonstandard interfaces that have […]

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