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Jon Ingold of inkle has released a new game, called A Colder Light, that I recommend highly as a short, satisfying quest with a fun central mechanic.

A Colder Light is also a descendant of the hyperlink-only web interface that was elaborated in prototypes here, here, and here. I beta-tested the game and I think that, in addition to being a good game, it provides a nice sense of how a parser-based game with a hyperlink UI can differ from a CYOA-style game with a hyperlink UI.

A Colder Light


Comments on: "A Colder Light: New hyperlink IF from Jon Ingold" (5)

  1. Do not forget when talking about hyperlink-only web interfaces 😉

    • Undum is great, and I had a whale of time making stuff with it.

      That said, Colder Light is quite different – hyperlink-only doesn’t really describe the way it works properly, although it’s true. You couldn’t build something like Colder Light in Undum — or, you could, but it would utterly horrendous trying to do it.

      Colder Light uses a system which could, in theory, be rolled out to any interactive fiction game. That’s what makes it interesting. I think 😉

      • Yes, “hyperlink-only” makes sense only in the context of “parser-based yet hyperlink-only”, which is pretty ungainly for the title of a post…

        Basically, Colder Light is driven by a world model, whereas an Undum game is at heart a tree of choices. The distinction has many repercussions for design and gameplay, and Colder Light is a great example of how the two types of “hyperlink-only” games can differ.

  2. I struggle with hyperlink fiction. I feel as though I have no control. I easily get lost and end up going around in circles. Then I give up reading the text between the links because why bother when randomly clicking hyperlinks eventually gets me the answer. It seems modern day life has eroded my attention span.

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