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Kerkerkruip 8 has been released. If you don’t know Kerkerkruip, it was recently cited as one of the most important representatives of the roguelike genre of video games 🙂 This latest release brings new content, including five new rooms, new items, a new monster, new combat actions, and the addition of “blood magic” to Kerkerkruip’s dungeon.

Kerkerkruip 8 also marks the release of the new graphic/animation content that I’ve been working to bring to the game using Glimmr. Here’s a quick summary of the Glimmr stuff that’s now in Kerkerkruip!

 1. Minimovies

Before the animated titles appear, a silent animated narrative plays out. There are currently three of these, each 4 to 5 seconds long, and more will likely be added over time. Composed of typographic symbols, they depict–with a touch of humor–situations that can occur in Kerkerkruip, each one prefaced by the typed command that brings it about. Here is a less than successful > ATTACK against the swarm of daggers.



 2. Main title

Following the mini-movie, the game’s main title screen appears, highlighting a typographically constructed dagger (see other examples of such daggers here). The main menu options appear as well, and for players who have not yet defeated any of Kerkerkruip’s monsters, the title is followed by a blinking instruction explaining how to begin a game.

Kerkerkruip's title screen, with main menu fading in behind it.

Kerkerkruip’s title screen, with main menu fading in around it.

3. Rogues Gallery

A player who has defeated some of the denizens of Kerkerkruip, on the other hand, can wait at the main menu for the Rogues Gallery to appear. This is a succession of trading-card like depictions of each monster defeated, along with stats that summarize the player’s history with that enemy (for more on the cards, see my previous posts).

The Rogues Gallery title

The Rogues Gallery title

Unfortunately, not all of the planned monster cards are completed. Placeholder cards mark the missing spots for now:

The Chain Golem

The Chain Golem

The placeholder card for the Jumping Bomb

The placeholder card for the Jumping Bomb

4. Map

Kerkerkruip is a game in which your strategy depends on navigating the spatial arrangement of your enemies. Who to attack when–and in what order–to be best prepared to take on the evil wizard Malygris? Kerkerkruip 8 adds an isometric map that I find very helpful in planning my path to victory.

Kerkerkruip's new isometric map

Kerkerkruip’s new isometric map

5. Information panels

The final feature I want to highlight doesn’t involve Glimmr or graphics per se. However, it does provide a visual organization of Kerkerkruip’s copious amounts of information. From your inventory of weapons and items to your character’s vital statistics, attributes & situational combat bonuses, to the powers you have absorbed from your enemies, the new information panels put it all at your fingertips. I’ve found that having combat information at the ready, in particular, has really changed the way I play the game.

Game screen with information panels

Game screen with information panels


I hope that you’ll try the new Kerkerkruip. You can download it here.


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  1. Erik, it is really amazing how much polish you’ve added with this release. It looks great.

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