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New art for the Fanatics of Aite

Check it out on the new Kerkerkruip blog.

A Colder Light: New hyperlink IF from Jon Ingold

Jon Ingold of inkle has released a new game, called A Colder Light, that I recommend highly as a short, satisfying quest with a fun central mechanic.

A Colder Light is also a descendant of the hyperlink-only web interface that was elaborated in prototypes here, here, and here. I beta-tested the game and I think that, in addition to being a good game, it provides a nice sense of how a parser-based game with a hyperlink UI can differ from a CYOA-style game with a hyperlink UI.

A Colder Light

New Versions of Key Glulx Interpreters

If you are interested in the extended set of Glulx features (graphics, hyperlinks, etc.), be sure to grab the newly released versions of Gargoyle (Windows, OS X, Linux) and/or Zoom (OS X). These lay to rest long-standing bugs as well as make available some of the latest additions to the Glulx standard, such as floating point support and some refinements to sound capabilities.

Glimmr release 3 available

UPDATE: It seems that I manage to bungle something with each and every Glimmr package release. For release 3, I managed to revert most of the extensions to version 1. Thanks to Jason Devlin (author of wonderful games like Vespers and Sting of the Wasp), I’ve now realized my mistake and uploaded a new package–Release 3.1 Release 3.2. Sorry, folks!

UPDATE II: It looks like Inform 6G60 also broke one of Glimmr’s dependencies. Release 3.2 includes a modified version of Michael Callaghan’s Fixed Point Maths extension.

A new zip archive of all the Glimmr extensions, image files, and compiled examples is available at the Google Code site. This archive is compatible with the new Inform build, 6G60, and brings Glimmr Canvas Editor up to date as well (that is, compatible with both 6F95 and 6G60). A number of bugs were fixed, primarily in Glimmr Canvas Editor, but there are no major changes or additions.

This release actually involves changes to only two of the extensions: Glimmr Canvas Editor and Glimmr Automap. Both of these should show up soon for individual download from the Inform 7 extensions site.

The Compiled Examples zip archive has also been updated to Release 3, and can be downloaded from the Google Code site. This is only useful for demo purposes, as all of the files are also available in the full release archive.

Happy New Year!